Minecraft Force OP - Admin Hack(1.7.9+)

Minecraft force OP - Admin Hack[1.7.10+]

Minecraft force OP – Admin Hack[1.7.10+]

  • Free!
  • No virus
  • Easy to use

Have you ever wanted to become an op of a Minecraft server so bad, you would pay for the rank? When you think about it, it’s stupid! Skip spending endless amount of money for a rank, download the Xronize.com Minecraft Force OP! This minecraft admin hack is designed and coded by highly trained professionals, who are familiar with a dozen of programming languages. The minecraft force op can be easily executed on any kind of server, including bukkit, vanilla, tekkit and other external servers. As you can see, the hack is compatible with all of Minecraft versions(starting with 1.7.9 and moving on). We highly doubt that the hack will ever be patched, due to our secure force op execution. The forceop even has a survey option, just in case you don’t want to get caught. The Minecraft force op remains silent, it doesn’t output any logs to console, nor the server – a perfect tool for silent destruction! The users who have been using our hack have been really satisfied in its unique features, so what are you waiting for? Go on and download the Minecraft force OP now!

Instructions for using the Minecraft Force OP:

1. Download and run our Minecraft Force OP(no installation required)

2. Enter your in-game username, the server’s IP address and one of the administrator’s username

3. Check if everything is correct and click “Start”

4. Wait a few seconds

5. Reconnect to the server and you should be granted with OP access!

6. Enjoy!

============= How to download =============

STEP 1: Click the Download button below.

STEP 2: Complete a quick and easy survey

(Click here to learn how to complete one)

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